I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

Some of the greatest world’s attraction sites are the “Seven wonders of the worlds” which includes The Great Wall of China and the Roman colosseum in Rome. Well, the ability of man kind to create unique structures continues to exist where modern scientific advancements are amazingly stunning and worth touring around.

Mouth watering scientific infrastructures such as aquariums, Artificial Intelligence labs just to mention a few can be termed as world's emerging wonders of the world. In 1991, Arizona state and the world at large witnessed among the largest experimental structure of the earth. That’s right, a group of science and technology gurus decided to mimic earth and its functionality hence the name Biosphere II. What inspired these scientists anyway? The quest to introduce life on other planets resulted to this major milestone which was supposed to be first test on this Biosphere (Earth).

It remained a center of ridicule because the intended mission was not achieved but it remains a significant experimental structure till to date. Many have toured the area which has immensely changed into stunning botanical and marine “artificial earth”.

The Biosphere II Wonders.
A comprehensive technological infrastructure runs this particular biosphere that was built to copycat the earth. It is a two-acre land of human excellence, scientific expertise and engineering proficiency attempted to change the entire world. Nearly everybody is familiar with a test tube: real-life experiments were tested in this gigantic test tube (biosphere) which proved the capability of man. Take a look on the feature that are currently existing in the Biosphere II:

An Ocean and Its environment
The aquatic life in the biosphere is no different with the real one in the biosphere. One of the exciting moments is when you take a diving tour inside the ocean where you see spectacular natural ocean life such as the coral reef and so forth. For that to happen, great physics and chemistry was achieved.

Desert Environment
Desert plants (cactus and arid vegetation), rocks and sand land masses are well represented in the experimental space house. The area is purely arid, more like Arizona desert which holds the history of dryness. All these climatic conditions are controlled in the biosphere II.

The amusing rain forest
What are the major examples of rainforest do you know? Amazon forest is an ever-raining forest with different vegetations and temperatures. The Biosphere forest is ever raining and moist with all forms of climate change such as chill temperatures and related rainforest weather conditions.

Various landscapes
A variety of hills and rocky grounds are represented simply making the experiment a success in numerous dimensions. Scientists had an already improved way of holding life through supply of sufficient oxygen and mechanism to avoid air expansion and contraction problems. An amazing artifact weighing approximately 40,000 pounds floats on the top level of the amenity and is used to regulate experimental atmospheric pressure.

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