Dangerous Jackie Chan Stunts That Almost Cost Him His Life

Dangerous Jackie Chan Stunts That Almost Cost Him His Life

We all love Jackie Chan and enjoy watching his comic fighting and stunts in various scenes, but he put in a lot of work to get them out there ā€“ risking his life in the process.
Here, we bring some instances when Jackie Chan almost died doing his own stunts.

Drunken Master
This 1978 movie was filmed with one of the best leg fighters of the time - Hwang Jang-lee, and during a particular fight scene, one of Lee's kicks connected with Jackie's eye, fracturing a bone. This injury almost cost the actor an eye.

Project A
In the early 1980s, this movie was the toast of many. However, Jackie Chan performed risky stunts that caused him severe injuries and almost took his life.
In one scene in this movie, he was supposed to jump from a giant clock and a canvas roof underneath was supposed to break his fall.
However, he fell through the canvas and even the second layer of the material and hit his head on the ground, injuring his spine and skull in the process.

Armor of God
In this 1986 film, the stunt was supposed to be very easy. He needed to jump from one point to another using the branch of a tree.
However, the branch broke off and the actor fell through the tree, slamming himself on the rock beneath and injuring his head. A piece of rock was lodged in his head and he needed surgery to remove that.
To make matters worse, Jackie Chan cracked his skull and injured his spine ā€“ so much for a movie stunt eh? Doctors confirmed that some part of his skull had to be held by a metal plate. Anyone would be deterred but not Jackie, the extremist!

New Police Story (2004)
In this 2004 movie, Jackie was supposed to jump from a tall building to a lamppost and onto a moving bus.
In the movie, the stunt was to chase after a moving bus that was heading through a narrow neighborhood. The bus went through the narrow corner shattering glass windows.
When a high structure on the way ripped off the roof of the bus, Jackie had to duck to avoid being dismembered along with the roof, also he had to find a way to apply the failing brakes to prevent the bus from falling into a sea. Too risky for a movie Iā€™d say.

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