7 Amazing Technologies we'll see by 2030

7 Amazing Technologies we'll see by 2030

Years ago, it would be difficult to be in one part of the world, and be aware of the happenings in another part of the world. You couldn’t speak to your loved one who was far away timely, you couldn’t even see them virtually -that is if the word 'virtually' even existed at the time.
Thanks to technology, these have changed. The world is fast becoming… Scratch that. The world has become technologically driven. And While some parts of the world may be more technologically advanced than the others, it is still safe to say that the world today is heavily powered by technology. But it doesn’t even end there. The years to come offer more mind boggling advancement in this sphere. In a survey of 800 experts and executives on the Future of Software and Society, the World Economic Forum (WEF) found some technological disruptions to happen in the coming years. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome tech things to expect in 2030.

From sidewalks to clothing, the internet of things is built only for expansion. According to the WEF study, Smaller, cheaper and smarter sensors are being introduced – in homes, clothes and accessories, cities, transport and energy networks, as well as manufacturing processes, and 1 trillion sensors could be connected to the internet by 2022. In northern Spain; Santander, there are already 20,000 sensors connecting buildings, infrastructure, transport, networks and utilities.

According to a “Popular Science” report in the WEF survey, “[In 2014], doctors at Peking University Third Hospital successfully implanted the first ever 3-D-printed section of vertebra into [a] young patient to replace a cancerous vertebra in his neck. The replacement vertebra was modelled from the boy’s existing vertebra, which made it easier for them to integrate.” 3D printing is transforming the medical industry. One day, 3D printers may create not only things, but also human organs – a process called “bioprinting”, says the study.

Robots are already disrupting blue collar industries, and are said to soon penetrate white-collar jobs. There are already speculations that there could be robot pharmacists in 2021. There have also been debates as to whether or not robots will replace humans; while some quite strongly believe that robots will replace humans, some scholars believe that robots cannot replace humans, primarily going by the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology of UNESCO (COMEST). What we know and can see is, robots are already making some significant entry into specific industries, what we don’t know is whether indeed robots will completely phase out human labour/employment.

Even though some countries' governments are still doing all possible to hinder this through bills like social media bill, 79% of respondents surveyed imagine that by 2024, the internet will become a basic right. We hope to see this happen, and in all parts of the world.

67% of respondents imagine that by 2026, more rides will occur with ride-sharing than privately owned cars. Driverless cars already make up 10% of all cars on US roads. People’s thoughts on car ownership are shifting more and more with the car-sharing economy.

6.Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Experts believe an AI machine will join a corporate board of directors by 2026. Based on big data, AI can automate complex decisions and learn from past mistakes.

According to the study, 80% of respondents predict that the first implantable phones will become commercially available in 2024. And while technology can now be found in people’s mobile phones in their pockets, it will soon be integrated directly into clothing and accessories. It is also believed that the implanted phone could allow users to communicate their thoughts via brain waves in place of talking.

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