What to Never Put on Your Face

What to Never Put on Your Face

It’s no surprise that the skin on the face is more sensitive than every other skin on the body, it’s why you’ll find the face reacts more to things like water, cream, oil, environment, than the body. This shows that the face skin needs more caution and should be properly taken care of. You should therefore be careful with the things you apply on your face as there are a lot of things that seem okay but in the long run, damage your skin. Here are 5 things that you should never put on your face;

1.Body Moisturisers
Body moisturizers can clog your pores and can cause you to break out, making them very harmful for the face. You should use good facial moisturiser -ones with organic and natural ingredients, and that contains antioxins in it- for your face.

2.Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol leaves your skin feeling good, cold, and clean, but the danger here is that it cleans off all the oil on your skin temporarily, but then your skin discovers oil is missing, and in response develops much more oil. It’s the same with astringents or toners that contain alcohol. So if you have an oily skin, the more you use rubbing alcohol and alcohol based toners/astringents, the more oily your face becomes. Dermatologists have found that a lot of people who have oily skin do well with oil cleansing. So you might want to tilt more towards this treatment.

3.Bar Soap
It can damage the outer protective layer of the skin. Bar soap often contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate -a substance that causes the soap to lathe- and is very drying to the skin. So best to avoid using bar soap on the face.

Yes! People actually rub semen on their face. They also spend a lot of money on sperm facials because they believe that since semen contains a lot of protein and antioxins, then it is good for the skin. The problems with this is;
- It has not scientifically been tested how much antioxins are in the semen.
- It could contain sexually transmitted disease, which could in turn cause chlamydia in the eye.

5.Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly is a derivative of the petroleum manufacturing process. Yes, you read right. So you can already imagine the damage this is causing to your facial skin. It is very occlusive and clogs your pores. Dr. Zeichner recommends staying away (especially people with oily or acne-prone skin) from products with occlusives as they often have a heavy consistency.

If you have been using any of the things on this list, you should consider discontinuing, for the good of your face.

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