9 Foods That Will Kill Your Dog

9 Foods That Will Kill Your Dog

All owners treat their dogs with something delicious when they show loyalty and behave nicely to cultivate this habit. But is crucial to give your dog only healthy food. Do you think what is healthy for us will be healthy for your dog? Of course, no. That is why let’s find out what you should never treat your dog with because they may kill him.

The first one is avocado. Surprised? You have been advised to eat avocados because they are full of essential nutrients, but it is for humans. Actually, avocados contain a toxic called persin, which doesn’t have any influence on people. Yet it provokes fluid accumulation, as a result, your dog finds it hard to breathe.

Another dangerous product is chocolate. Dogs love sugar, and you may think that a small piece of chocolate won’t harm your dog. But chocolate contains chemicals that affect a dog’s metabolism. Eating a small piece of chocolate may lead to diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and even dehydration. But in a larger amount, chocolate can cause internal bleeding, heart attack, seizures, and eventually death.

Moreover, toothpaste for dogs is not another marketing trick. You really should brush your dog’s teeth with special dog toothpaste. An ordinary toothpaste for humans is toxic to dogs, and if your dog swallows it, you may see symptoms in 30 minutes varying from seizures and vomiting to weakness and coma.

Imagine you are away for a walk, and you think, “My dog is thirsty. Well, I can share my green tea with him”. Never! You should always have water for your dog with you when you go for a long walk. Caffeine, not to mention alcohol, can kill your dog as it stimulates the nervous system and can cause a heart attack.

What other products are dangerous for your small friend? Watch the full video to find out!

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