These CGI Movie Moments Were So Convincing You Probably Didn't Notice

These CGI Movie Moments Were So Convincing You Probably Didn't Notice

Nowadays, CGI graphics are supposed to be obvious to everyone but there are moments when you cannot even verify if these computer programs are being used. Here are 4 moments with CGI that you thought were real!

Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp has a reputation for using CGI in most movies he's featured in like Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland. However, this particular movie (Dark Shadows) had a much more subtle touch of Computer generated image to it.
The graphics engineers paid attention to two main things –no blinking and no reflections. Seven hundred frames of Johnny’s blinks were digitally removed and all reflective windows or even glass cups were removed.
If you were wondering how the perfect vampire feel and character was achieved for Collins (which happens to be his name in this movie), credit goes to CGI engineers.

Every time, in flashback scenes, it is required that a focal character be made to look younger and CGI often comes to the rescue.
In the X-Men ‘Logan’ movie, it was required that Logan (Hugh Jackman) be made to look way older than he really is and this was going to mean adding more beards, facial spots, and wrinkles.
It must have irked him out watching his old self with wrinkles and grey hair. While there were professional makeup artists on the ground to give him a different look, the CGI effect made it look really real.

Ghost Rider
A movie star - especially one that stars in action movies needs to stay fit. That is why it takes some of them several months of practice and training in finding a perfect shape for a particular film role.
In the movie tagged Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage practiced and kept fit for the role but CGI came into huge play to smoothen the edges.
Cage fancies his collection of body tattoos, but for this movie, the CGI team removed many replacing them with nice muscles and rocky abs.

Iron Man 3
Delay in film production and release can be a result of several factors including star actor's availability. When Robert Downey Jnr. broke his knee, the Iron Man 3 production didn't have to be delayed so CGI was the perfect response.
Robert recorded his face to be used for a perfect facial mapping for the stand-in actor that played his Iron Man role while he spent time recovering from his wounded knee.

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