10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

The existence of the Seven or so wonders of the world can be proven by scientists and professionals. There are places that are way beyond scientific expertise despite the prevailing advancements in science and technologies. They include places, random occurrences, natural features and other mysterious components that have no answer to their existence or occurrences.

Well, size is not really a concern here but the strangeness of these structures is enough for you to awe your entire life. These places will make you believe in the existence of supernatural powers such as Aliens. Below is a list of these places where scientific researches can’t define their occurrences or presence.

The Devil's Kettle.
Among Minnesota’s greatest rivers (Brule Rivers), the Devil's Kettle is one of the strangest places, naturally occurring and way past scientific discoveries. At a given point, the Brule river slips into two where one split continues to pour draining In Lake Superior while the other split pour on hollow ground with zero discoveries on where the water goes. Efforts to trace the water have always emerged fruitless with no traceable marks whatsoever.

The Mystery of Hessdalen Lights
Residents of Hessdalen valley in Norway continue to witness mystical lights for 10 straight hours during the night for 260 days a year for the last four or so decades. They are brightly colored lights which lack any scientific explanations despite any proven theories of existence.

The wonder cave A.K.A Movile Cave.
At the territories of the southeastern part of Romania, there is a cave that has never experienced the presence of sunlight many moons ago (over 5.5 million years ago). With different atmospheric climates and conditions, the Movile cave is one of the weirdest places on earth. Workers discovered this place for electrical and related infrastructure but ended up quitting. Scientists have discovered over 33 species of animals and plants who live under horrific conditions of Sulphur.

Lake Karachay of Russia.
The world’s largest lake with excessive radioactive materials from a nearby factory producing nuclear components and weapons. It is believed that you can succumb to radioactive effects within an hour of staying on the lake. Massive nuclear explosions were reported where a wide area was subjected to radioactive materials.

The Double Tree of Casorzo.
Pia Monti in Italy holds a super natural tree known as a doubletree. Half of the tree and the uppermost part of the tree is a cherry tree which produces healthy cherries every season. The other half of the tree which is also the lower part of the tree is the mulberry tree and the whole idea is extraordinary. Locals believe that the tree grew as a result of birds dropping off cherry seed but the notion remains mysterious.

The Sleeping city of Karachi.
Among the known cities of Kazakhstan is Karachi where nearly everybody living in that city has an extraordinary condition of sleeping epidemic. From the ladies, kids, men and so forth, most of them collapse and sleep while walking, driving, cycling and even sitting on benches. Hallucination and memory loss are also the symptoms perceived by the people of Karachi. Theories and research seem to aim at the Uranium mine in the city but that’s just but a fairy-tale.

The Wonder Circles of Namibia
Among the deserts of Africa is the Namib desert where circles of grass grow leaving an empty space of soil in the middle. What makes it so mysterious is the exact shape of the circle where in the middle intervals nothing grows. Scientists have related the circles with termites but the theory has been proven wrong.

The Hum of Taos
An annoying sound randomly affects the people of Tao occasionally or rather over a duration of time. It mimics the loss signal sound which most people in Taos believe it’s a super natural sound. Discoveries have been made relating the people who hear the sound possessing extraordinary powers others don’t possess.

The wonder of the “Endless Lighting Storm”
The South American Country of Venezuela holds one of the biggest storms that never cease. It is clearly seen from the western part of Venezuela over the Catatumbo river. Lightning strikes the river for ten straight hours from 1900 hours, two hundred and sixty nights every year. Complicated theories of a new mountain continue to be examined although scientists are giving up on it.

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