The Top 5 FAIL ARMY Videos of All Time

The Top 5 FAIL ARMY Videos of All Time

Filming technology has promptly advanced innovatively such that you can take a video of yourself doing a variety of activities in a real-time situation. They say man is to errors and failing is the first stepping stone to perfection. Well, some people have been exposed through the media platforms after failing various self-filming activities in different places across the world.

Let’s call these situations as embarrassing moments, awkwardly caught on camera and the individuals can’t do anything about it. You might be lucky enough to remain off the charts of camera awkwardness while the unfortunate can still happen to you. The following situations are occasions that turned sore on camera but remained hilarious on the eyes on many. Technology never delete or forget.

Model epic moments of Video and camera shooting gone wrong
Camera presence is the word that defines the life of a model. From commercial advertisements, product promotions and so forth, these hotties will always take stunning camera shoots. The beauty queen came on the wrong side of ocean tides when they washed her away live on camera. The wave was massive enough to put her down on the water surface. No injuries were reported but it turned funny on the internet.

Wildlife savannah rodeo turns nasty
In the middle of a South African national park, a group of cyclists are competing until the leading cyclist is run over by an African Antelope. The speeding animal jumps on the cyclist at a terrific speed and breaks his helmet. If you watch you will get it twisted and wonder if the animal was running for its life or it was in the mood of competition too. Efforts of warning the cyclist turned fruitless despite the trials.

A middle school hottie screws up her hair
There is a lot you can do in the quest of beauty. In the process you can end up like the beast. This kid’s reaction after burning her hair up remains one of the funniest reactions of shock on the internet. Be careful while making or following the tutorials too. It seems the lady was making a tutorial until it turned wild on her.

Adventure turns Horrible
This is among the “sorry” but funny videos of a teenage Canadian scholar on a hike. After a tried self-filming video with his smartphone which was interrupted by his savior “train conductor”. He pushed the teen with his leg, saving the guy from possible train classing his head. It is fun for numerous people but terrifying to the kid.

The hilarious boat clash
A seven carrier speed boat crashing is the worst that happens on deep waters but this instance it turned funnier because there were no injuries reported. The boat pilot loses control due to the excessive water tide and the whole crew falls on the boat.

More funnier instances of fail continue to emerge due to technological media availability.

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