That's Why People Don't Have Black Eyes

That's Why People Don't Have Black Eyes

You will find no human being with black eyes on our planet. Why? Because what you may see is, in fact, dark brown eyes. And dark brown eyes are caused by an abundance of melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment that our hair, skin, and eye color depend on. So not only eye color can be dark brown, but also your skin and hair, and that is all because your genes have a large amount of melanin.

Research claims that brown is the most spread color of eyes; of course, it not simply brown but hundreds of different shades of this color. Even more, underneath each eye color, either it is brown or green, blue color lies.

It is interesting to know that tears aren’t just salty water. Did you think so? Actually, it consists of oil, water, and mucus; that is why our tears are antibacterial.

Moreover, our eyes are so unique so that have 576 megapixels, on the contrary, the best camera has only 200 megapixels. Hence, when people say to enjoy the moment in real time and not through your camera, listen to them. Even when you blink every 8 seconds, you will remember the colors of the sunset and the sunrise you are watching.

Alike the eye color, there is no big secret behind the blood type. It is all about the sugar. While types A, B, AB contain sugar, type O has no sugar. That is the reason why this blood type is perfect for donors. If you think that distinguishing 4 blood types is difficult, then imagine cows have 800 blood types. Eager to learn more interesting facts about the human body? Then don’t miss to watch the full video.

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