Quarantine Viral Internet Trends

Quarantine Viral Internet Trends

Speaking of the best medicine in the world, they say laughter heals the souls of wounded dozens magically across the globe. Well, the notion is true if you figure out the tough times of forced isolation all over the globe which is significantly equal to creative ideas produced in the quest for “quarantine but active ambiance”. Quarantine life becomes even sweeter when fun activities are introduced due to improved technological infrastructure alias virtual reality.

Nearly everybody has heard about ‘viral videos’ which are apparently being produced by people in their homes doping super creative stuffs and activities. Start from celebrities to little children, hilarious films are trending online activities that have been adopted to ease the boring periods of quarantine.

What Inspires These Viral Videos?
A variety of people are always thrilled by major filmmakers and producers in the market. Disney World Picture is just a common example which quenches the eyes of millions of audiences from movie creativity and humor degrees. A lot of viral videos on the internet can be based on such production while others have a natural intellectual degree of creativity. You can mimic the “Wild West American Frontier'' culture and capture the attention of many. Check out the following hilarious home viral videos done by different families.

A copycat of the legendary movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”:
An entire family brought Disney's magic into their home by acting in a fairy-tale movie where funny characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow rocked the show. Kids wore attires imitating pirates while their parents acted as the pirate Lords. The indoor event was graced by the real Jack Sparrow thus creating an unforgettable moment to the family and the virtual world. From the sailing to the sword fights, the family experienced a superb cuisine of comedy beyond measure.

Recreating the “Wild West” Adventures and Country Music Vibe:
People are gifted in the ways of creative intellectuality if two individuals can make a model of “a cowboy riding his horse”. How did it happen? The lady has amazingly long hair such that when she bends over, the head looks like the tail and the back of the horse simultaneously. While the woman is still bending, the man stands behind here facing the front direction. To make the magic work, they both move in a way to show a speedily motion of a horse. The theme song matches the Wild west culture.

The quarantine has also resulted in electronic gaming spirits where developers make mobile games that keeps people occupied the whole day. Quiplash is just an example of a video game viral for all genders.

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