Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

A countless number of things help us in our daily routine, when we eat, entertain ourselves, or spend time with friends, etc. Do you want to find out some amazing secrets about our everyday things that you couldn’t even imagine? Let’s get started.

Bread tags. Have you noticed different color tags on the bread you buy? You may think they simply use colorful tags, but actually, each color represents on what day bread is baked. Blue stands for Monday, green is for Tuesday, a red tag means that bread was baked on Thursday, and white and yellow stand for Friday and Saturday, respectively. That is quite convenient to learn if you always want to have fresh bread for your breakfast.

Holes and pen caps. Do you know why pen caps have holes? Not for funny whistling. Studies showed that a lot of people choked on pen caps. That is why these holes are made to keep people breathing in case that happens. Smart, right?

The colors at the toothpaste bottom. Alike colorful tags on bread, colorful squares at the bottom of toothpaste tubes also signifies something, exactly, the content of the toothpaste. There are 4 possible variants: green square means only natural ingredients, blue implies natural content with medicine, red stands for natural plus chemical content, and, finally, black one means that toothpaste is made only of chemicals.

Tabs on soda cans. You have been wondering what is the purpose of tabs on soda cans. Actually, it is there to hold your straw and make it comfortable for you to drink your soda.

Curious why notebooks have margins or why there are pom poms on your hat? Watch the full video to find the answers.

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